From Access Platforms to Machine Guards – How We Can Help



Steel fabrication is our trade, but how do we create tailor-made solutions that can benefit your business in a multitude of ways? At C&C Fabrications, our team of skilled fabricators are experienced in providing a wide range of steel products, from access platforms to machine safety guards. The bespoke services can enhance your business operations by improving safety, access control, storage and more.

With our steel fabrication expertise, we can create customised solutions to suit the specific needs of your business. For example, we can manufacture safety barriers and handrails to improve workplace safety, or access platforms to provide safe and easy access to high-level areas.

Access platforms

Access platforms can be designed and manufactured to provide safe access for users while also allowing for repairs to be carried out on equipment and machinery. With falls from height being the main cause of fatal accidents and injury within the workplace in 2021/22, it is vital to keep workers safe when working at height. The access platforms we produce are bespoke-designed and manufactured to suit your requirements, providing you with a perfect solution and ensuring safety.

Mezzanine floors

If you want to optimise your space and increase your floor area without having to move your business to a larger location, then a mezzanine floor could be the perfect solution for you. Being the leading supplier of mezzanine floors in Leeds and West Yorkshire, we are confident at producing intermediate, suspended floors.

Safety barriers

Our safety barriers are designed to provide optimal protection in roadside environments, preventing accidents and safeguarding both pedestrians and drivers. We also offer crowd control barriers that are ideal for events and public gatherings, ensuring the safety of attendees and organisers. In industrial settings, our steel barriers provide a crucial layer of protection, to limit accidents and reducing the risk of injury. From separating pedestrians and vehicles to safeguarding machinery, our barriers are custom designed to meet your unique requirements. Read our blog on this…

Machine guards

Whether you need machine guards for large industrial machinery or small benchtop equipment, our team of experts can help. We have the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to design and fabricate machine guards that meet the latest safety standards and regulations. Our machine guards are built to the highest standards, ensuring optimal protection for workers, and preventing accidents that can result in injury.


Simple in design, inexpensive, but incredibly safe, the Laddermate is our innovative safety solution which incorporates a practical approach to ladder safety. This product was designed to reduce the risk of ladder accidents, particularly in outdoor and uneven surfaces.

At C&C Fabrications, we are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions to enhance workplace safety. So, whether you’re in construction, maintenance, or any other industry where ladder safety is crucial, you can trust our solution will work for you.

Suspended walkways

Suspended walkways are an essential component in many industrial settings, providing safe and reliable access for workers and equipment to elevated areas. We understand the importance of suspended walkways in providing a safe working environment for employees. Which is why we specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke suspended walkways, tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Bespoke industrial staircases provide a safe and reliable means of access for employees and equipment to various levels within a facility. Taking a custom approach to fabricating staircases is something we do regularly at C&C Fabrications. We understand that each facility is unique and therefore we tailor the service accordingly.


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