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Case Study DS Smith

Creating space and improving safety

At C&C fabrications, what makes us different is our ability to take a challenge that a client is facing and provide them with bespoke, cost effective solutions to overcome that challenge. The following case study details how we helped DS Smith overcome issues that they had with a lack floor space:

The Brief

DS Smith, a Hinkley based company specialising in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty packaging solutions, came to us having invested in a new cardboard manufacturing machine that took all the spare floor space left in the building, leaving no room for the control panels.


The Challenges

With the size of the new manufacturing machine being so large there was no room left for the control panels, it meant that they had to resort to putting  overhead. However, this resulted in the platform needed ending up standing inside the machine.


Our Solutions

Having understood the challenges that DS Smith faced, we were confident that we could help them overcome their issues with their new manufacturing machine. We suggested that they had a platform manufactured that would hold up with minimum floor supports but could also take the weight of all the control panels. This platform would need to be designed with minimum columns but still have to span over the main machine – whilst not interfering with any moving parts so that staff running the machine could gain access to the platform easily

Therefore, we designed a cantilever platform for DS Smith that tied into the building and braced back to the wall, with minimum columns.

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