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Mezzanine Floors

We are the leading supplier of mezzanine floors in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Designed to maximise unutilised vertical space by providing additional space above and below, a mezzanine floor is an intermediate, suspended floor built between either two main floors of a building, or the floor and the ceiling. Most often found in industrial settings due to their high ceilings and often free standing, semi-permanent structure – Mezzanine floors are typically manufactured from detailed drawings, constructed from steel and custom made to suit their surroundings. For a cost-effective way to make the most of your space, whether a large warehouse or an office – a mezzanine floor is a fantastic solution.

Suspended Mezzanine Floors

There are numerous key components that make up a mezzanine floor. These components include:

  • Primary beams – the main support of the mezzanine, stretching across the columns.
  • Purlins/joists – the fixing points for the decking that stretch between the primary beams.
  • Columns – designed to support the primary beams in upholding the mezzanine and distributing the weight evenly.
  • Decking – the flooring of the mezzanine, of which there are numerous different types available to suit your application. Examples of the different floor types might include: 38mm particle board, OSB Decking, Forge Welded Grating, Durbar Plate and Composite Decking.

There are also various ancillaries that may be required to assist with the operation of the mezzanine floor. These might include:

  • Hand Rails – help to secure the open edges of the mezzanine.
  • Staircases – needed to provide access to the mezzanine floor. They come in various different designs according to the use of the mezzanine floor – however the type of staircase needed will be determined by the UK Building Regulations and is often dependant on number of people, travel distance and fire safety.
  • Pallet gates – often used in industrial environments, pallet gates help in the process of loading and unloading materials on to the mezzanine floor.
  • Fire Protection – with fire protection being a requirement in all instances except for where the mezzanine floor is used for storage, the appropriate fire protection will be applied to the design accordingly.

Examples – where can a mezzanine floor be used?

  • Industrial settings – Large building structures such a factories, warehouses and distribution centres, that are largely used for industrial purposes, often have the capability to embrace designs for large and even complex mezzanine floors that fully maximise the space available. An example may include a multi-tier mezzanine, where different levels can have different uses, such as office space and storage. We can also produce safety barriers specifically designed for mezzanine floors, helping to increase safety.

If you think a mezzanine floor could help you in utilising your space – please contact us by emailing info@candcfabrications.co.uk or calling 01977 670 067.

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Mezzanine Floors

Do you need planning permission to install a mezzanine floor?

Most mezzanine floors do not require planning permission as they are free-standing structures. However, this can be a grey area and we are happy to assess each project individually to determine whether planning permission would be needed.

How can we recommend the best type of mezzanine floor for you?

With most clients, we would recommend a site visit so we can determine the best type of mezzanine floor based on your needs, and the location that the mezzanine floor will be occupying.

What can you use a mezzanine floor for?

Mezzanine floors can have multiple different uses, including being used as extra storage, or to extend offices and increase workspace.

Do mezzanine floors need to be fire rated?

Depending on the environment and what the mezzanine floor will be used for, it could need to be fire rated. With all of our consultation processes, we can offer advice on fire ratings and fire safety.

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