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Our Solutions

Mezzanine Floors

Designed to maximise unutilised vertical space by providing additional space above and below, a mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor built between either two main floors of a building, or the floor and the ceiling. Most often found in industrial settings due to their high ceilings and often free standing, semi-permanent structure – Mezzanine floors are typically manufactured from detailed drawings, constructed from steel and custom made to suit their surroundings. For a cost-effective way to make the most of your space, whether a large warehouse or an office – a mezzanine floor is a fantastic solution.

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers can be used in a number of different situations and are usually designed to prevent entry in to areas that have possible hazards or are potentially dangerous. They are hard, solid structures and permanently bolted to the ground to allow for maximum productivity and longevity.

Machine Guards

Whilst, in general, machines are often already designed to minimise contact between operators and hazardous parts, machine injuries caused by unsafe operation or improper maintenance do sometimes occur. Machine Guards do exactly what they say on the tin – they are designed to guard the hazardous part of the machinery and make it much safer and easier to use – whether that be to prevent direct injury from the machine, or to protect operators from any sparks, shaving or shards that might come from the working machine.

Suspended Walkways

We provide suspended walkways for people working at height. From walkways, adjustable walkway platforms, freestanding walkway platforms, ballasted walkway platforms and more.


Our platforms can be designed to provide safe access for users and allow maintenance and repairs to be carried out safely on equipment and machinery. The platforms we produce can be designed and manufactured bespoke to provide you with an ideal solution and ensure safety.


At C&C Fabrications, we work with you to find the type of staircase that suits your needs best, from material used, to design and style within your budget and timeframe. We offer a range of modifications to each staircase including handrails, security cages, materials and different types of steps.