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Laddermate is an innovative ladder safety product, incorporating a practical approach to ladder safety, used by many of the world’s leading companies who use access equipment. Simple in design, inexpensive, but incredibly safe, it has been responsible for avoiding many accidents, some of which could have been fatal.

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Every year, many people fall from ladders causing, death and thousands of serious injuries. The Association of British Insurers has stated that £12 Billion a year is lost in the UK through accidents, and of these 25% are as a result of falls from height.

If you are an employer, you could be liable to heavy fines and insurance claims if one of your employees has a fall, if you are self-employed, an accident could mean substantial loss of earnings. Safety is usually a concern, but often not a priority until it is too late. Use our ladder safety devices to help meet the Working at Height Regulations.

There are several benefits to using Laddermate:

  • Considerably reduces risk of outward ladder slip.
  • Braces ladder to reduce the amount of flex or “bounce” to make users feel more secure.
  • Increases the effective base of the ladder by forming a much larger trapezium- shaped base than with just the ladder itself. This gives more sideways stability.
  • Ensures that users erect the ladder at approximately the recommended angle. This will vary slightly depending on the configuration of the ladder.
  • Most importantly for employers, LadderMate costs less than a days pay for another person to foot the ladder and once bought it will last for years.

Who is using Laddermate:

We have supplied literally thousands of companies over the last 10 years from Penzance to The Shetlands and in France, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, USA and Canada. These include over 120 local authorities, many Blue-Chip companies including the leading satellite TV company, major painting contractors, window cleaning companies, telecoms, electricity companies, Universities, Police, Fire Brigade, sign and security installers and more.

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Do we sell Laddermate's in bulk quantities?

Yes, we can cater for larger orders of Laddermate and these can be branded up to be bespoke to your company.

How long do Laddermate's take to fit?

It takes less than 5 seconds to fit. We recognised that people are reluctant to use safety equipment if it takes too long to install, especially if they are paid on a bonus basis.

Who owns the rights to Laddermate?

Laddermate is produced by C&C Fabrications and we own the rights for resellers to sell the product under licence.

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