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Metal Fabrication of Bespoke Industrial Staircases

Staircases can be a solution for indoor and outdoor use. They provide safety to users when getting from one point to another and are functional and secure. If designed and manufacturing currently, staircases can be aesthetically pleasing. At C&C Fabrications, we work with you to find the type of staircase that suits your needs best, from material used, to design and style within your budget and timeframe. Then, we can finish your staircase with a protective coating using our powder coating facility to ensure it is durable and sustainable. We also offer a range of modifications to each staircase including handrails, security cages, materials and different types of steps.

Staircase fabrication and installation

We also offer a range of modifications to each staircase including handrails, security cages, materials and different types of steps. Our expert fabrication team with decades of experience will work with you to meet the exact design and specification you require, leaving you with the solution you require.

  • Robust and lightweight – The staircases we manufacture are strong and built to last
  • Customisation – We have many different types of customisations available to produce a solution to suit you.
  • Durable – Each staircase produced is built with the highest quality steel to ensure durability.
  • Assembly – At C&C Fabrications, we can assemble staircases onsite efficiently and fast, saving you the task of self-assembly.

Example Uses – What types of staircases do we manufacture?

  • External staircases – Can be used in industrial as well as commercial buildings.
  • Architectural staircases – Used mainly for their visual appeal.
  • Spiral staircases – These types of staircases are great for narrow and steep stairwells.
  • Commercial staircases – Commercial staircases are specifically designed for heavy use.


Layout potentials

The type of building and uses of a staircase can change the layout and location of it, from self-supporting to hanging from the wall, here are some examples of potential layouts:

  • Crossed stairs
  • Inline stairs
  • Combined configurations

If you’d like more information on staircases don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Please contact us by emailing info@candcfabrications.co.uk or calling 01977 670 067.

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What materials can be used to manufacture staircases?

At C&C Fabrications, we can fabricate staircases in a range of different metals as well fibre glass. We also offer a variety of treads that can be used on domestic and industrial staircases.

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