The Ladder Stand-Off System,
This is the home of TopMate. 

‘Topmate’ has been designed to be used in conjunction with Laddermate to enhance sideways stability and improve access to difficult areas such as fall pipes, guttering and sills.

We strongly recommend that when using Topmate, Laddermate is also used to create a safety system.

There are several benefits to using TopMate:

  • High friction rubber wheels give increased sideways stability
  • Fits all ladders with rung centres 23-30cm
  • Simple to assemble, attach and use
  • Ideal for use with Laddermate
  • Easier ladder extension
  • Prevents damage to building exteriors
  • Easier gutter, sill and roof access
  • Provides 20cm ‘stand-ff’ to span downpipes

Who is using TopMate:

We have supplied literally thousands of companies over the last 10 years from Penzance to The Shetlands and in France, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, USA and Canada. These include over 120 local authorities, many Blue-Chip companies including the leading satellite TV company, major painting contractors, window cleaning companies, telecoms, electricity companies, Universities, Police, Fire Brigade, sign and security installers and more.