Your Guide To Machine Safety In The UK


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Machinery is an essential aspect of many contemporary industries, but heavy machines can pose serious dangers to staff and visitors. Proper machine safety is essential in manufacturing and industrial plants and plays a key role in minimising workplace accidents and keeping staff secure at all times.

The importance of machine safety

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show that 57,000 workers sustain non-fatal injuries on average in the UK each year, and 20 fatal injuries to workers occurred in 2020/21.

If you manage a manufacturing plant or any other premises with heavy machinery, workplace safety should be your number one priority. Simple safety precautions and regular safety training reduce the number of accidents that occur in your workplace, show your staff that you value their wellbeing, and protect your business from legal disputes.

By investing in proper safety in the workplace, you can reduce your overall costs and maximise efficiency and performance in the workplace. Of course, safety isn’t just about KPIs: the most important reason to prioritise machine safety is to keep your staff and visitors safe.

How do machines cause injuries?

Machines can be a common cause of injuries when workers are not properly protected or trained. Some types of common machinery accidents include:

  • Staff being struck or pulled by moving parts
  • Sharp machine parts causing severe cuts and injuries
  • Crushing injuries when a body part is caught between two moving parts
  • Burns, scalds, and electric shocks from machinery
  • Injuries caused by improper use or faulty machinery

Staying safe around machinery

Sadly, many of the accidents that occur due to heavy machinery are avoidable. With proper training and safety measures in place, you can massively reduce the risk of serious injuries like those listed above occurring in your workplace. To reduce the risk of serious injuries occurring in your workplace, follow these tips:

  • Always use machine guards, even when you and your staff are very familiar with a machine
  • Schedule regular safety training for all members of staff
  • Always replace damaged or missing machine guards
  • Inspect machinery regularly for faults or damage
  • Ensure that experienced supervisors are always in place

Why use machine guards?

Machine guards are a safety measure used to protect workers from mechanical dangers when they’re operating machinery. They’re designed to prevent injury from flying debris, kickback, and pinch points. They can be used in conjunction with other safety measures, including safety gloves and eye protection, and they’re a cost-effective way to increase safety in the workplace quickly and simply.

Machine guards last for a long time and are easy to replace when needed. As well as preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace, machine guards can also reduce the risk of accidents caused by electrical failure and protect a machine’s electrical components from damage and wear and tear.

About C&C Fabrications

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