Success story: Next PLC Warehouse, Wath upon Dearne


next warehouse


Next PLC came to us with a safety challenge that they were facing, regarding their recently installed wrapping machine for packaging. This machine was causing a safety risk for their employees due to poor access solutions. As the access for the tape was on the top of this machine, it was extremely difficult and potentially dangerous to operate. The client requested our help to safely access the machine without having to move it or take up too much space. 

After careful planning and consideration from our team of experts, it was determined that the best course of action was to design and manufacture a working platform that would span the roller bed of the machine. This solution needed to have two functions. It also needed to clear the boxes next to the machine and provide enough head room above when an operator was standing on the platform. 

After the selection of the appropriate materials, we began the manufacturing process of the platform. The production process involved careful planning and execution to ensure that the platform would fit perfectly within the existing space and meet the needs of the client. This process involves several methods of steel fabrication. Our metal fabrication service includes a range of new and traditional methods of metal, including punching, bending, welding and assembly. Once completed, the fully functional working platform was installed, allowing for the machine to be operated safely and efficiently.  

The solution we provided proved to be perfect for the client’s needs and was an excellent example of the level of quality and expertise that C&C Fabrications is renowned for. 

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