Product Spotlight: Fabricated Staircases

Here at C&C, we’re able to fabricate a range of bespoke steel products for customers across Yorkshire. Because we offer so many services, we’ve been creating a series of guides that highlight the benefits of our products and the different options available to customers.

In this blog, we’re casting a spotlight on our steel staircases. We all know that staircases offer a safe, secure pathway from A to B, but what are the benefits of sourcing a staircase from C&C fabrications? Let’s take a look.

What staircases can C&C manufacture?

Staircases are a necessity in a number of different environments and we are able to manufacture them to fit any specification. For example, we can create external staircases that provide access to roof areas or act as fire escapes, often used in industrial and commercial buildings. These may take the form of a spiral staircase which is a space-saving option and suitable for steep stairwells.

On the other hand, we can also manufacture internal staircases, such as architectural staircases that are often used for visual appeal and to provide a simple way to get from floor to floor. We’re able to work alongside you to achieve the look and functionality you want, from self-supporting staircases to wall-hung designs.

We can also create commercial staircases that are specifically designed to withstand heavy loads, such as equipment and machinery.

There are several layouts available for you to choose from as well, such as crossed stairs, inline stairs and combined configurations. This is not to mention all of the modifications available, such as handrails, different types of steps, security cages, materials and colours. This means that the design is truly in your hands.

How are bespoke staircases manufactured?

No matter what type of staircase you need, C&C only uses the highest quality materials. This ensures durability against any amount of use and ensures robustness. We can make them in a range of different metals as well as fibreglass to fit your budget and desired requirements. The treads that we offer also vary depending on the use, but the options can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

What are the benefits of coming to C&C for staircases?

C&C offers a tailored approach to fabricating staircases. Whatever your requirement, we will listen to you and design a solution that matches your exact needs. Not only can we expertly design the stairs and manufacture them using the highest quality materials, but we also offer a complete installation service. This will be organised at a time to suit you and will be completed efficiently, meaning there is no self-assembly needed.

From start to finish, your industrial staircase is handled by our professional team, saving you valuable time and ensuring your organisation can operate at full efficiency. This could result in higher productivity and higher profits. If you want to find out more, contact us today by calling 01977 670 067.