How Metal Fabrication Is Used In The Education Sector

Fabricated items are used across a range of different sectors and are prevalent in everyday life. One sector that we find a lot of fabricated work comes from is education and in particular, schools. This is due to the sheer size of a lot of schools, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for fabricated items to be installed.

Every building, piece of equipment and piece of furniture in a school needs to be completely safe and hazard-proof. When designing and manufacturing fabricated products for schools, we ensure everything is made to the highest quality and does not have a risk of being a hazard to anyone in a school environment.

Throughout this blog we’ll take you through some of the different fabricated items that we make for the education sector and how we can help schools with any fabrication query they have.

Safety Barriers


Safety barriers prevent entry to restricted or dangerous areas. They are important as they protect employees, the public and in this case, students, from injury.

In a school environment, there are numerous potentially dangerous areas that students should not have access to. This can include maintenance environments, areas in car parks, and anywhere with access to height. By installing a safety barrier in these places, schools can ensure staff and students are safe, and do not enter an environment where they could be potentially harmed.

At C&C Fabrications, we can help schools with the design, manufacture and installation of safety barriers. With a wide range of materials, designs and finishes to choose from, our team of experts have to knowledge to assist you with choosing the correct safety barrier to suit your needs.

Bike Shelters

More students (and staff) are now cycling to work. As well as the benefits to the environment, it is also great exercise. This is why schools must have an area for people to store their bikes in the day.

We can design custom bike shelters for schools in a range of different sizes depending on requirements. Once manufactured, we can finish them in a range of different colours through powder coating or another finishing method.

Hand Railings

Similar to safety barriers, hand railings can guarantee safety for staff and students whilst in a school environment. Hand railings have numerous uses in schools, including being used on stairs, in hallways, and across outdoor spaces.

They need to be robust, rust-proof and aesthetically match the location they’re in. Our team of experts can help with this, by recommending what type of hand railings would be most suitable based on your needs, and ensuring they are designed and manufactured to your exact measurements.

Sports Benches

Benches, and in particular sports benches, are prevalent across all schools, outside and in changing rooms. We can fabricate benches of any length and size for clients and advise on specific requirements and designs.

In changing rooms, clothing hangers are usually attached to the benches. We have the capability to design such benches and create an all-in-one product for school changing rooms.

If you work in the education sector and have any queries about fabricated products and how they can benefit your school, get in touch via 01977 670 067 or email us at