How mezzanine floors can help your business expand 

One of the biggest problems for growing businesses is space. Room for new employees, equipment, machinery and stock is hard to come by and can cost businesses a lot of money to up-size. This can be a huge stumbling block for businesses wanting to expand, the cost of buying a larger premises can stop them from scaling up their business, and this isn’t taking into consideration the hardship of finding a new, suitable premises and getting it fully operational.

Another option that many businesses, especially in the warehousing and manufacturing industries, are starting to consider is installing mezzanine floors in their buildings to optimise space and provide another level that can be used as storage / workspace.

Throughout this blog we’ll explain what mezzanine floors are, and how they can help your business expand.

What are mezzanine floors?

Mezzanine floors offer space above and below existing floors, they are built between the two main floors of a building, or the floor and ceiling. They are free-standing, semi-permanent structures and can be constructed from steel and other materials. They are the perfect solution for a business wanting to expand their premises whilst not having to pay a substantial amount and take the risk of purchasing a new premises.

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How they can help your business expand

By installing mezzanine floors into your business’s premises, you can create space to add more equipment, machinery or even store excess stock at the fraction of the cost. Here at C&C Fabrications, we can help you with the whole process. From consultation, to design and manufacturing of all parts including primary beams, joists, columns and decking, we can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to successfully expand your business and save you money.

Overhead space is usually wasted, especially in large warehouses. This means a lot of businesses aren’t using their workspaces to their full potential. If you’re a business owner and looking to expand your premises, or even purchase another one, we might be able to help. Depending on your requirements, a mezzanine floor could be the perfect solution for you and enable you to double your workspace whilst not having the hassle of purchasing a new workspace.

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