Case Study: Next PLC.

Project 1 – Improved access and increased safety for maintenance teams

Problem: Maintenance teams need access to all areas around machinery to allow for routine and emergency maintenance. In many cases, some of this machinery needs to be accessed from above. Maintenance teams were accessing some key areas via very narrow walkways which was seen as a health and safety hazard.

Solution:  To create a solid working platform above and around machinery with access stairways and safety handrails in areas which were particularly hazardous. This gives safe access and also makes routine maintenance significantly more efficient.

Project -2

Problem: The equipment used to provide air conditioning to offices located above the warehouse created a year-round heat problem in the warehouse, which was particularly bad in the summer. This created a hot and uncomfortable environment in the warehouse.

Solution: Custom-made ducting, designed to collect waste heat from the air conditioning units. Using a specially designed “T”piece, allows for warm air to be ducted outside in the summer, but redirected inside on cold days, which in turn will reduce heating costs