Ahead of the curve: preparing for the future. 

C & C Fabrications have been providing high-quality, highly-skilled metal fabrication for over 25 years. We offer an end-to-end comprehensive service of consultancy, design and manufacturing, and have the skills and resources to deliver a quality result.

We have experienced massive growth in the past few years and have expanded to 28 employees, and are now looking to the future of C & C. As part of our growth plans we have reinvested in our brand and our people through the creation of a new, easy to navigate, website and a company rebrand to represent our continuing evolution and the pride that we take in the work that we do.

Our re-brand is more than just a fresh look; it establishes our professionalism and redefines the standard. We see this as an opportunity to re-state C & C’s culture of excellence and service – both internally and externally. Our re-brand shows our customers, prospects and suppliers that we mean business.

As the company grows, so does our capability, here at C & C we believe in matching our talent with the right tools and so have invested half a million pounds in a new, state of the art Laser Cutter.

Welcome to the cutting edge; welcome to the Kimla Powercut 6kw Fibre Laser Cutter.

Rapidly efficient, the Kimla Powercut’s speed beats a traditional Co2 machine 8 times over; this means reduced lead times, accurate cutting of sheet metal up to 20mm and a complete in-house laser cutting service. For our customers this new technology means a faster delivery of projects that remain the same high quality as before.

As a growing company C & C are proud to say that we have accelerated our expansion, anticipating and meeting industry expectations whilst keeping the customer front of mind, always. The recent changes that we have made to our brand and technology mean better, more efficient service for your company with a brand that has clarity, ambition and strives to deliver the quality it promises.

To hear more about what we can do for you call Gary on 01977 670067 or email gfirth@candcfabrications.co.uk