Hygiene is our number one priority.
This is the home of SaniStep. 

To ensure the highest hand hygiene standards is to use hand sanitiser. However, touching a bottle used by hundreds of people is counterproductive.

Introducing SaniStep, the latest innovation from C&C Fabrications. A steel fabricated, foot pedal operated hand sanitising station.

SaniStep is the perfect hand sanitising solution for high footfall areas, anywhere with large crowds, retail environments or busy event venues.

Protect your customers and keep them safe before they enter your premises.

  • Foot operated hand sanitiser dispensing unit
  • Made in Britain with steel
  • Considerably reduces risk of infection
  • Suitable for retail environments, offices, event spaces, supermarkets and almost anywhere with high footfall
  • Easy to clean
  • Secure and lockable

At just under 1 metre tall and made from durable steel construction it is sturdy and easy to use. The SaniStep foot pedal hand sanitiser dispensers are manually operated and do not require batteries or power supply.

All SaniStep purchases come with a 1 litre bottle.

Stand out from the crowd with SaniStep

SaniStep comes in three options; stainless steel, powder coated in any colour or fully bespoke and branded.

Don’t just provide your customers with a bottle of hand gel and toilet roll for everyone to touch with their hands. Set the bar and stand out from the rest with a fully branded product that demonstrates your businesses commitment to the highest hygiene standards.

Keep everyone safe with SaniStep.

Please get in touch and speak to our dedicated team so that we can fulfil your requirements.

Foot Pedal Hand Sanitiser Dispenser