Are You Protecting Your Racking Structure?

Are you protecting your racking structure?

A racking structure is part of the foundations of many businesses. In terms of storage and logistics, having the correct racking structure can ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. However, to acquire one it can cost a substantial amount, and then the cost of maintenance can also be worrying.

C&C Fabrications are a specialist metal fabrication company based in West Yorkshire. C&C are an ISO 9001 and Alcumus SafeContractor accredited manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products that will help protect your warehouse and prevent workplace injuries.

There are many rack protection products available that can prevent damage to your racking structure and prolong its lifespan, as well as reducing repair and maintenance costs including:

Column Barriers – These protect the corners of your racking structure from damage and are L-shaped as they can also provide protection to the corners of walls and doorways.

Upright Protection – These are sturdy metal protectors that are secured to the floor and cover each upright to prevent damage and knocks to the structure.

Protection posts – Similar to column barriers, protection posts also protect the corners of racking as well as doorways and wall corners.

Barrier Systems – These help to protect the end of a pallet racking run, providing a distance between the racking structure and moving vehicles and workers. In the event of an accident, barrier systems also stop the racking system from becoming damaged.

Guiderails – These create a perimeter around your racking structure to prevent accidents as well as stopping employees entering restricted areas.

Pallet Gates – Whilst pallets are being loaded and unloaded onto mezzanine floors, pallet gates ensure the safety of you and your workers.

Without safety measures being in place, your racking structure can become damaged over time and could eventually cause an accident. This would leave you liable and is why it is important to ensure your racking structure is protected.

A busy warehouse has forklifts and other types of machinery constantly moving with the potential to bump into things. With safety measures in place, this can be prevented, and the risk of your racking structure being weakened will also decrease.

How we can help

At C&C, we fabricate a range of different products that can help keep you and your workers safe whilst working at height. From mezzanine floors, safety barriers, bollards, machine guards, suspended walkways and platforms to staircases, lifting frames and work stations.

The services we offer include; welding, cutting, punching, folding, powder coating and laser cutting.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your work environment or would like to enquire about our metal fabrication services, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.